Pre-painted longspan roofing
Thermoplastic roofing
Concrete Floor Steeldecking
Aluminum composite panel
AISSI HiTen LC/LZ Shape Purlins
Pre-insulated sandwich roof and walls
Cold storage systems

The DN Distributions Center was first established back in 2005 in Cebu City to cater to the construction and building requirements of the Filipinos in the Visayas region. This allowed the company to gain significant market share in the South by providing superior quality products and excellent workmanship to its clients.

Since it showed promising results in the South, the company determined that it can provide the same quality service of production, distribution, and marketing to other parts of the archipelago. Hence the birth of several branches found across the Philippines namely:

Pampanga, Baguio, Pangasinan, Bicol, Batangas

Visayas: Cebu City , Bohol , Iloilo City , Roxas City, Tacloban, Calbayog City

Mindanao:?Davao City , Tagum City , General Santos City

In our mission to provide superior quality construction materials made available nationwide, the strategic location of the various Distribution Centers?allow our products to be accessible to a much larger market.

The DN Distribution Centers are capable to distribute and market all of DN Group of Companies products such as :

  • Pre-painted longspan roofing
  • Thermoplastic roofingC
  • Steel decking
  • Aluminum composite panel
  • C and Z-type purlins
  • Pre-insulated sandwich roof and walls
  • Cold storage systems

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